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Posted on 04/10/21
Julie (director of the Pays-Basque and Landes agencies) and Karine, her teammate, set off on the Moroccan dunes 15 days ago in their Jeep. Out of 141 crews in the 4x4 group, the girls achieved an incredible performance as they were in14th place in the overall ranking. Quite an exceptional result for a first participation. Congratulations to Julie and Karine!
In total 6 stages including 2 "Marathon" (over 2 days) accomplished with strength, courage and determination.
The Basque-Land Team Ateliers, Lofts et Associés followed their exploits daily and their spectacular evolution in the ranking day after day:
- Wednesday 22 September Prologue-
Thursday 23 September Stage 1=52nd overall-
Friday 24 September Stage 2 - Stage 2 - Dunes stage=26th in the general classification -
Saturday 25 September Stage 3=22nd in the general classification
Sunday 26 September Stage 4 (Marathon day 1)
- Monday 27 September Stage 4 (Marathon day 2)=20th overall -
Tuesday 28 September Stage 5 =18th overall -
Wednesday 29 September Stage 6 (Marathon day 1)
- Thursday 30 September Stage 6 (Marathon day 2)=14th overall
An extraordinary experience that Ateliers, Lofts et Associés was proud to support and share with you as the main partner of their crew.
Tolerance, solidarity, perseverance and sharing are values that resonate with our brand!
Congratulations again, girls!
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Today we're highlighting an exciting place full of history: La Villa Cavrois. We are looking forward to its reopening so that you can discover this unique place! History of a must-see modernist architecture of the 20th century: Designed between 1929 and 1932 by the architect Mallet-Stevens, the Villa Cavrois was created at the request of Paul Cavrois, a Roubaix textile industrialist who acquired land in Croix, on the outskirts of Roubaix. He wanted to build a villa to house his family. At first, he called on the architect Jacques Gréber, who specialised in urban design, who proposed a house in the "neo-regionalist" style. But this did not work out, as he preferred to entrust the project to the avant-garde architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, after having visited one of his creations, the rue Mallet-Stevens in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.Seduced by the prospect of the healthy, comfortable and modern living environment proposed by the architect, Paul and Lucie Cavrois gave him complete freedom to design their family home. The architect did not hesitate to make it an unusual home that would require three years of work. The Villa is remarkable with its 2400 m2 of living space, 6 m high ceilings, 1000 m2 of terraces on three floors. He selected noble materials such as marble or mahogany for a refined and modern decoration with furniture of optimal comfort. The Villa will be inaugurated on the occasion of the wedding of one of the couple's daughters, Geneviève. The history of the Villa Cavrois took a completely different turn during the Second World War, when the Cavrois family was forced to desert and the Germans turned it into a barracks on 28 May 1940. At the liberation, the French army requisitioned it. Despite the deterioration due to military use, the furniture was preserved. It was not until January 1947 that the Cavrois family returned to their home and decided to call on the architect Pierre Barbe for the interior design. The family stayed there until 1985, when Lucie Cavrois died. The furniture was dispersed and the villa was bought to build a housing estate. Despite being classified as a historical monument since 1990, the house is in a state of disrepair. In 1996, a support committee composed of thirty-three architects was created to raise public awareness. It was not until 2001 that the State bought the Villa Cavrois and the central part of the park, and seven years later renovation work began. It was decided to restore the villa identically to the 1932 plan. It was not until 2015 that the work was completed and the villa reopened to the public. We propose you a small video for an immersion in this historical place! Source photo :https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villa_Cavrois Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw6lnOjbUrM
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"C'est un projet de rêve pour un créateur comme moi, qui cultive une fascination pour l'aviation et l'exploration spatiale, explique Philippe Starck. J'aimerais créer une sorte de nid confortable aux murs soyeux conçu en harmonie avec les mouvements du corps dans un espace sans gravité." Le designer propose une décoration luxueuse, modulaire et lumineuse pour les visiteurs qui auront chacun leur propre cabine. Les hublots, quant à eux, offriront une vue imprenable sur la Terre. De quoi admirer les continents et les océans confortablement depuis sa cabine ! En effet, la société Axiom a prévu dès 2020 de prendre possession de la Station Spatiale Internationale. Amener des touristes et des fans de science-fiction dans l’espace, en orbite, situé à 408 kilomètres de la Terre : un rêve qui devient réalité.
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