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Ateliers Lofts & Associés

A distinction
since 1998
For more than 22 years, Ateliers Lofts & Associés has been shaking up the codes of the real estate market.
A new way of looking at real estate, which carefully and rigorously selects rare and exceptional properties, real favourites, allowing a very large clientele to have access to exceptional properties, for sale or for rent. Ateliers Lofts & Associés has been able to develop a real community of contemporary enthusiasts, adepts of a different way of life who share a true "art de vivre".

Ateliers Lofts & Associés, continues the originality in which it has been immersed since its creation.

20 years later, Olivier Thonon and Nicolas Libert have joined forces around a structure dedicated to the development of the Ateliers Lofts & Associés brand through franchising in order to be present in other territories.
The duo thus perpetuates the original concept imagined 22 years earlier. Ahead of its time, Ateliers, Lofts et Associés has invented a new concept of real estate agency, which privileges architecture, the contemporary and the rare.
Nous restons scrupuleusement axés sur notre spécificité : des biens uniques, insolites et surprenants. Appartements traditionnels réaménagés, maisons d'architectes, lofts contemporains, cabanes revisitées, ateliers d'artiste...

Heureux et fiers de découvrir des lieux rares, nous les partageons avec enthousiasme à ceux d'entre vous qui sont lassés du classique et animés des mêmes passions.

The market

Ateliers Lofts & Associés is the leading French group, since 1998, specialising in non-standard real estate.

In 2006, the history of the Ateliers Lofts & Associés group is enriched; Nicolas Libert entrusts the development of the Ateliers, Lofts & Associés brand to Cédric Fourteau in the South West through the cities of Bordeaux, Arcachon, Biarritz and La Rochelle. Then he co-founded eLUX Repérages, an inexhaustible source of original and rare locations, available for filming and photo shoots...

In 2007, Nicolas Libert co-founded the agency Architecture de Collection, a real estate entity that celebrates architectural creation. The agency allows buyers to treat themselves to a house signed by the hand of an architect from the 20th and 21st centuries.

This market is constantly evolving, the demand is real and constant, exceptional goods have multiplied, interior design has become the key word for buyers.

Rich in their heritage, French cities are giving more and more importance to the rehabilitation of their city centres in order to make people discover their historical past and the architecture that surrounds them.

Favourable to the transformation of former industrial or commercial sites, they encourage the increase of rare and unusual properties, to be transformed or already rehabilitated, available on the market.


The website

Ateliers Lofts & Associés has also revolutionized the real estate industry by relying on digital platforms since its creation: the first specialized web showcase, the first real estate iPhone application integrating photos and videos, the first digital real estate magazine combining advertisements and lifestyle editorial... Taking advantage of the latest technological innovations before their time, Ateliers Lofts & Associés has been able to develop a real community of contemporary enthusiasts in the last twenty years or so, who follow a different lifestyle and share a true "art of living".

Social networks

The agency wants to be active and very present on social networks, which it is committed to animate in a playful, involved and professional way.

The written press

The Ateliers, Lofts & Associés group has been present for 22 years in a number of top-of-the-range media related to the fields of architecture, decoration, art, design and lifestyle.

Media Relations

Ateliers Lofts et Associés has a wide coverage for its notoriety benefiting from the enlightened services of a very prominent press agency in the field of architecture, design and Lifestyle .


The particularities of our specific market induce a tailor-made training, which will be given in Paris and Bordeaux in order to give you the know-how and expertise essential to the professionals you will become.

We will accompany you at every stage of the development of your business.

Conditions of access

Network mode


Duration of the contract

5 YEARS renewable

Entrance fee

25000 à 30 000 €

Operating fee

9 %

Communication fee

1000 € Monthly

Personal contribution

25 000 à 30 000 €

Total investment

50 000 à 60 000 €


Running an Ateliers, Lofts et Associés agency means above all representing a brand that for more than 22 years has been able to establish its reputation while remaining faithful to its specific characteristics. This induces a certain sensitivity for architecture, decoration and of course real estate. Managerial qualities are of course required in order to take the leadership and federate around you a competent team that will know how to transmit the values of the brand and be efficient with its customers.
In the same way, a good knowledge of the franchised area (market, typology, network...) is an essential element for the good development of the agency.
The future franchisee will be a company manager who will have many responsibilities to fulfil and it is essential that he also has good interpersonal skills.